We understand the difficult decisions that arise when your health declines during your "Golden Years".  Our goal is to provide information and protect our golden age population from being taken advantage of while making decision about their health care.  We offer a NO CHARGE service and available 24/7. We are experts in Assisted /Independent Living, and Memory Care Facilities. In addition we've built a network of trusted services for Skilled Nursing, Rehab, Private Care, and Medical Equipment companies.

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We Want To Know You

  • Step 1: Lets Connect! We believe that communication is a must. We need to know you and you need to know us. We discuss life style options with you, your family and your healthcare professionals. Together we discover the best possibilities for YOU.

  • Step 2: Our team connects with the community to discover the options available for location, budget, social environment, and healthcare help needed.

  • Step 3: Connect up again and discuss the best options discovered by our experts.

  • Final step: We assist you in the new transition by reassuring your needs are met. We continue to stay in contact with you to help with additional needs.



Our Expert

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There are few others in this world that care for others more than Steve. It is his passion for caring that sent him on this journey to build a trusted company for seniors and their families. After 10+ years managing Assisted Living, home health and hospice companies in 3 different states, Steve, partnered with some of the best healthcare organizations to build Golden Age Placements.

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Steve's personal experience with watching the difficulty his family had while managing grandfather's Alzheimer's Disease is his great motivator. This has helped in building a company culture with employees that understand  and the his grandfather suffering for years with . We understand the many challenges families face when loved ones need extra care.
With over 20+ years of healthcare experience and extensive relationships with 100+ skilled nursing, rehabs, hospitals, home health, hospice, private care and medical equipment companies provides the best options for individuals.
Our team is dedicated to make sure those we works with are completely satisfied with the results. We work tirelessly to assure that every options is discovered and can help make quick decisions.  We works on YOUR timeline and we don't CHARGE anything. Contact us any time by phone, text, or email; P (801) 789-7738, txt (208) 559-0217,

The Best Option in Discovering What Assisted/Independent Living Fits Your Needs.



Know the options

Healing Hands


Assisted Living facilities have a focus to help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLS), they are NOT Nursing Homes. They provide a safe living environment where meals and housekeeping are done for the residents. Residents in an Assisted Living facility might need help getting bathed, dressed, with medication reminders or even transferring to and from a bed or chair (no more than one person helping with a transfer). Although the goal is to have the resident live as independently as possible, the extra help is always available.They strive to provide a home like setting and focus on social activities. A strong social program will aid in the overall success of an assisted living facility. Families want to know that their loved one is active and making friends, something that many of them did not receive when they were living alone or with family.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

Family Visit


We’d love to hear from you! For answers to all your questions, get in touch with us today. Remember, all our services are NO CHARGE to you! Serving the Wasatch Front

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