Few people can ruin it for everyone

August 31, 2017

Not too long ago, I was speaking with an individual from a Nursing home. During our conversation, this person said that they are trying to keep a good relationship with 2 Assisted Living facilities, and so when their patients are ready to discharge from the nursing home into an Assisted Living facility, they send them to one of those 2 facilities. I mentioned that there were over 150 different facilities on the Wasatch Front and how they know that these 2 are the right fit for EVERYONE they know. The response was along the lines of, "well if we send them people, then they will send us people". That answer rubbed me the wrong way, and my thought was, "well what happened to the rule of 'patient choice'?" It seems as if the choice has already been made. This person appeared to become offended when I suggested that they are treating human beings as "trading cards" or "currency". Most people who move into an Assisted Living facility are doing so to be there for the rest of their life. Shouldn't it be their choice on where they spend the last days of their mortality? Shouldn't the choice be for the benefit of the individual and NOT the benefit of the Nursing Home?

I am not saying all nursing homes have this philosophy, in fact I know many who do want to do the right thing. But as the title says "A few can ruin it for everyone". So how can we know we are not being treated as a dollar sign?

At Golden Age Placements, we are NOT driven by money, we are driven by the satisfaction of knowing we did the right thing. We will not make any suggestions of an Assisted Living facility until we have gotten to know the individual a little. We will then narrow down choices based on their needs, desires and financial ability. An Assisted Living facility might be right for one person but not another. This is a big reason why it would benefit you better to call Golden Age Placements first. Our motto is and always will be "to do the right thing at all times". We offer a low pressure, NO COST service to assure you are given a choice that has been catered to your needs and desires. We are not happy unless you are. 

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